Love Arbonne – My Arbonne Journey


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February 2012 became my month of transformation.  There is a great vibration in the air every time I think or have thought about the product line.  I’ve been using few Arbonne products since about September 2011 ever since I held a spa benefit at my home for a dear friend of mine Robyn Dargie who’s now the Arbonne District Manager.

It all happened over a social evening getting together with loads of fun, snacks, karaoke and catching up with our good friends.  That night changed my life and I didn’t even fully know it or realized it at the time.  My sole purpose was to make my girlfriend happy while I took the step towards something incredible and signed up as an Arbonne Independent Consultant on a simple whim, chance, happiness in the air and maybe a little from my wine glass.  I know it is the best decision I’ve made, because it feels good inside.

I knew she would benefit from this somehow and I thought at least I’ll save 35% on all those fantastic products I was already using and I could totally make her night.  She was all smiles, let me tell ya and offered me a few products with savings to experience the amazing RE9 Arbonne product line, which made me grin from ear to ear.  That facial skin care line is simply phenomenal and all you need is 2-3 days worth to see instant transformation in your face.  Using all botanical infused products without harsh chemicals is simply a must for me and my skin.  You’ll be glowing with joy from how amazing your skin will feel, pores tighten, smoothness and even the scent is invigorating.

It has only been under 3 weeks and I’m pumped more then ever.  I’ve already made few people realize how amazing Arbonne is and signed up my first 3 preferred customers, and I’ll be receiving my very first pay check in 15 days.  I’ve received absolutely mind blowing deals on the Arbonne products so I can Arbonnize my home and make it safer and healthier for my entire family, which is extremely important to me if not the main reason Arbonne spoke to me.

To make things even better I began using the vanilla protein shake and have noticed a nearly instant reduction in my bloating and tummy area.  It has been only a week drinking my morning shakes and I can feel like a lady again without that bloated tummy.  The shakes are amazing!!

I am so very happy.  I bought a domain name for 3 years and made a free website on Wix.  There is a story about the hummingbird on my website which was just a quick template I selected there but few days prior I had a profound dream of a gorgeous hummingbird sitting on my hand.  I dreamed the entire thing in colour and the feeling I felt when I awoke was so peaceful and beautiful.  It somehow all is beginning to make sense.

My Website:  with a whole new custom logo in the works.LOVE ARBONNE 

(below are few Arbonne products I myself started using nearly immediately AND I can actually feel the difference in my skin, body, skin appearance, textures, scent, and over all wellness)

Amazing Protein shakes and Fiber boost.

This is a life changing opportunity to take charge of my life and put products on my children that I know have been formulated for wellness and are as the following.

Arbonne Personal care products are formulated with:

  • No animal products or animal by-products
  • No Parabens
  • No Formaldehyde donating preservatives
  • No Petroleym based ingredients:
  • No Benzene
  • No Mineral Oil
  • No Petrolatum
  • No Phthalates
  • No Toluene
  • No Paba
Arbonne Healthy Living products are formulated with:
  • No Artificial colours
  • No Artificial flavours
  • No Artificial sweeteners
  • No Animal products or animal by-products
  • No Cholesterol
  • No Saturated fats
  • No Trans fats

On Monday, I met a group of fabulous women at a meeting and to think of it I was so tired and didn’t even want to go but made myself.  I’m so glad I did.  Listening to their stories of how they did this with their families and transformed their lives to be on a course of a healthier living, made me want, need, and be what I saw in that room.  It was filled with amazing women wanting the same things.  All reaching their goals and I do believe many will reach them.  On the way to our meeting my friend and I joked that Arbonne only emphasizes and creates “our bond” that much more powerful and significant with a huge purpose.  It will be fabulous to go on trips with this lady I’ve known for over 20 years.

Tonight, in less then a week I met another room full of more incredible people (over 200 attended) the Mercedes Benz dealership in Kitchener where I got to pick my vehicle and with a quick photo I can post it on my inspiration board to observe until I WILL REACH my goal!  Camila Scott was at this event and she is beautiful and so funny.  I didn’t get a photo of us but I will meet her plenty of times to get one.

For now, here is my Benz with my personalized fun plates.

And here is me in one:

And one more:  Hot little car isn’t it?

Now here comes the part I think I was the most excited about as I went through my home like a mad maniac reading each and every bottle of skin lotion, shampoo, conditioner, scrubber, facial cleanser, body butter, shower gels, shaving foams, make up, well – you get the picture.  I soon found  there were over 100 bottles and they were all products I no longer wish to use, and many were hiding in throughout my cabinets that I would regularly reach for.

Harmful chemicals in products (listed in bullets above) have been known and directly linked to causing all types of cancers, premature puberty, becoming sterile in both women & men – sadly beginning at the tender age of babies and toddlers as we put unsafe products on our most precious children.

Here are my photos of products I decided to part with.

AND the other half

NOW, to protect myself I cannot specifically point out which product is unsafe nor would I want to, 

I am simply making a point of removing these from my life.

I believe Arbonne will provide me and my family with the natural, tested, botanical, vegan, hypoallergenic, safe products to use, which will become a tax write off for me and will allow me to save money.
Our SKIN is our biggest organ.  It takes the most damage absorbing the products we put on it and I will sleep better knowing my children do not have harmful chemicals on their precious bodies.
If you have any questions on how to become an Arbonne preferred customer and save 20% (it is like a membership) or even an Independent Consultant and save 35% on products along with the opportunity to show others how they can alter their life for the better, please contact me through my email and I will gladly offer you an opportunity of a life time into health and wellness.For me – it is all about bettering my family’s health and wellness and helping others.

It’s about Pay it Forward.

Thanks so much.

This February “Make Death Wait”


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I’m always looking to do amazing things with my children.  If that wasn’t enough, I wanted to do something society contributing with my daughter for her to learn the concept and principal of being a loving, carrying contributing citizen in our world, when I received a phone call in October from Heart and Stoke Foundation.  It was about canvassing the neighbourhood for donations and raising funds for the great cause – Make Death Wait.

The lady was so nice on the phone and offered me a choice of choosing odd or even numbers of homes on my street to canvas. I suggested I’ll do both.  She was so pleasantly surprised, I could swear that I heard her smile on the other end.

When I disclosed this information to Kendra, my 8 year old daughter she was simply tickled pink with excitement while all I (as an adult approaching my forties) could think of was the cold bitter month of February walking door to doors while I myself dislike solicitors.

Nevertheless, I agreed to do this to for many amazing reasons main one being that I love helping others and I wanted my daughter to learn this from her mother.   Giving.

I became a volunteer about a month ago, getting excited as the month approached.  My girl was excited too.  Our package of canvassing material arrived few days ago, it was left hanging on our doorsteps as we missed the person in charge to deliver our start up volunteer package.

As I am an entrepreneur myself I already have acquired the many skills it takes to speak to people in terms of helping others, donating, informing them of great causes, etc.  The reason I wanted my daughter to be involved was for her to experience many things two of which are being part of a dynamic team that is not seen on surface but belonging in a way that is higher then she can comprehend, and the other is feeling something amazing in her heart.  A reward of self satisfaction by helping others in need, to go that extra little bit and push yourself beyond your limits to help others.

Your package comes with all the items you need right down to the pen.  You’ll get pamphlets, tax return slips and instructions of how to fill everything & deliver the news to each person and home you visit.

“By going door-to-door in your neighbourhood during the coldest month of the year, you’ll be warming the hearts of thousands of Canadians affected by heart disease and stroke. Last year, over $8 million was raised thanks to the fundraising efforts of people like you.”

About 7 years ago I did a mother/daughter walk for Cheerios with my 1year old girl pushing her in the stroller, where I have also raised over $275.00 walking 5 km.  It was hard work, but it left me feeling absolutely amazing that I could help in some way.  At the time, I was also pregnant with my second child and didn’t even know it.  It made my heart feel so good to be part of such a great and rewarding event.  I know this is going to be another memorable event.

I think this February helping in “Make Death Wait” will be a rewarding experience for such a great cause.

I urge you to donate a little time and effort in the community and help this great cause.

To make your pledges on line please visit my DONATION PAGE.  Every single dollar makes a difference.

Thank you so much for your donations.  Your support will help save lives just like in Owen’s Story.



Tea is on me


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If life wasn’t hard enough for some of us moms.  Helping a friend when she needs my help is something given.  No questions asked, no need to repay me, ever, I’m there in a heartbeat.  It is what friends do for each other.

I have to acknowledge this cutest gesture from my friend when I picked up her little girl to take her to school and bring her home one of the days this week, while her sibling remained home not feeling well.  As the little girl enters my van while mommy stands waving on the porch, she hands me this translucent bag with a little note in it with a tea bag.  “Thank you so much for….. please enjoy a cup of tea on me, Love T.”

It’s the little tiniest things that make the heart fill with love.
Tea’s on me ♥

Have a wonderful happy Friday.



Paint your HE-ART


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I love painting, although there is nothing new that I’ve painted in a while close to 2 years.  This piece is called Endless Journey and I know this is just too weird but the darker shape in the centre looks to me like the “horse” shaped old country I came from formerly known as Czechoslovakia.  The country no longer exists because it was split into two separate countries Slovakia and Czech Republics.  I know my subconscious mind incorporated parts of my existence, experiences and my limitless continuous journey into this painting.
World of Dreams over to the right was done about a month after Endless Journey. At the time I was swamped with all kinds of ideas and I couldn’t paint fast enough my visions & conceptual abstract thoughts.

For me painting feels so free.  It happens at the most unexpected times and I just pick up a brush and go for it, usually starting a stroke onto the canvas that freaks me right out my skin when I do this.   Canvas isn’t cheap so I take the chance with the initial stroke and then it seems I’ve broken the ice or surface tensions by my initial blob of paint and everything else follows so freely and smoothly.
Never Alone was done with many thoughts in mind.  It began with a red spot near the middle of my canvas.  I knew what I wanted to paint was RED as it is my desired choice of colour to depart onto canvas, I just didn’t have a vision at the time.  It turned out to be one of the most favoured pieces on RedBubble online gallery and community with many features including the home page feature.
I have also submitted the copy of this piece to our local Armoury on Remembrance Day in November 11, 2009 while I attended the event to honour our soldiers.  I was later sent a thank you card and informed that the piece hangs in their mess-hall where it has the chance to be admired.
With experiments and determination great things are born.  Who knew I could do realism as well.  It took patience and the process was slow but it has taught me that I can do anything I set my mind into.  Lion Cub was painted from an original photograph I took at our local zoo when I volunteered for my daughters school trip.  I followed the details closely and he was born.
I’ve had many people offer me instant cash for this piece and I’ve turned them down each time.  I think this piece represents the fact I can do realism but also that I am strong & unafraid to pursue and follow anything I desire, just like the lion.
Tulip Tango was a piece I have done around the time I painted the few pieces above.  I was experimenting with water colours at the time as I found many amazing water colour artists behind my inspiration at the time.  Needless to say, I`ve taken the chance and entered it into a local art show and it won 4th place so it cannot be as bad as I thought originally.
Artists are the worst self-critics.  In a way we are perfectionists as what we envision has to fit with that we are placing onto the canvas or paper.
While all pieces above were painted at the beginning of the year 2009 the next one over to the right was done near the end of the year.
Roots of Gaia was a commission piece requested to follow a certain colour palette and the request was no red.  I found this not only challenging because I think I`ve had read in almost every single of my pieces, it is a colour that represents life for me and it is urgently required by my mind & vision to be included.
However, to my surprise I have discovered that red does not have to represent such “life” for me because green can have the same affect.  As I painted this piece & flowed with my vision departing each stroke onto the canvas, I didn’t know what the final result would become.  I followed a gut feeling, an urge to twist my brush, add a little white here, black there and then about half way through I saw the vision my mind’s eye saw.  Gaia was born.  The goddess of creation, the earthly mother of the source we are all connected to.
Initially I was nervous as heck to give the final piece to the client as I hoped it would be eye appealing and welcomed.  It was nothing short of just that.  If anything it gave me more confidence in my artistic abilities & to never give up on my passions.
With a little rest now for over 2 years I think my itch to pick up the brushes is nearly peeked to the surface and I cannot wait what my heart departs next onto the blank canvas.
Thank you so much for stopping by and have a wonderful Thursday.

One Day to Live – making every second count.


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Does anyone believe in second chances any more?

Did you ever ask yourself what you would do if you had only one day left of living?

I think about that all the time. I think society is so busy focusing on the actual daily routines that we don’t often stop & think how we act, live, if we aspire or inspire. Are we just co-existing amongst mankind and consuming oxygen?

Today, I lived with just that powerful thought in my mind. I didn’t do anything extra ordinary like going sky diving or spent a whole whack of money foolishly on lavish things, but truthfully my heart was filled with sadness. I felt the weight of the world upon my shoulders, just as I felt the weight of one simple unresolved issue with someone who once had a special meaning to me.

Before I go any further, you should know that I simply have zero enemies. I may have people in my life who don’t understand me or entirely know me and made decisions not to have me in their life. That is something I cannot change. I’ve had lovers and boyfriends who will always be part of my heart & even they don’t have any anger from me, only good wishes. With that said, I still feel unsatisfied with some issues that pangs my heart into the abyss of darkness where only light wants to shine.

I’d like to think that every single person on this planet has the chance to alter their life every second they experience life. Just as the planet rotates, with each passing sunset a new day awakes us with brand new opened eyes. The world is so tiny when you take a look at the cosmos and how precious and small we all are. I would love nothing more then for people to just get along, find that inner peace within and pursue their passions in a courteous way without the bicker and back stabs. I really honestly wish that.

I grasp the concept of “Once bitten, twice shy” or “Fool me once shame on you & fool me twice shame on me” but I don’t wish to exercise it. Why is that? Perhaps I truly wholeheartedly believe that life is what we make it and chances exist with each passing second. We are the ones in control of our destiny & only we can undo the done as well as do the unknown.

This may indeed be my day of revelation and tomorrow I may awake to some harsh and bitter rude awakening or sad news, but here I am taking a chance at something simply only my heart can sense with the tiniest speck of dust in a message to give to the world. Love each other more.

If you think about that for just a second, it is not that hard to imagine. A peaceful loving world that my soul feels, wants and desires. For you, for me and for the future of our kids. Love is so beautiful and powerful.

I’ve decoded the message of life. With my number sequence of 5261492 revealed to me few years ago, I’ve deciphered the code. I was given a message that only I could comprehend and decode and it is my duty to write about what I am learning & perceiving. I am a messenger.

Life slips away so quickly with such frailty and before we know another day is here, only to slide too with the rush of daily jobs & traffic, errands or whatever it may be. We are like little worker ants so focused on ourselves and our individuality, our tiny lives doing whatever the wind blows our way, where out there in the real world togetherness is what we all lack.

Perhaps the joy that one feels from the living is the excitement and unexpected surprises along the days. The spontaneity along with unforeseen life’s unfolding is what makes us all go round. To see the joy in the faces of those who tug on our heartstrings, the music that embraces and uplifts us, the constant tears that flow from the same pain, lived with different directions.

What if today was your last day?

I think about the 2012 Phenomenon all the time, where the end of civilization as we know it is suppose to come to an end and a possible new era will begin. Many believe this is in fact the end of the world.

However, as a believer in the higher dimensional power I cannot imagine the being some of us call “God” can be so destructive only to destroy all the beauty and wonder once upon a time created. Whoever we are, I believe we are all entitled to enjoy fully the goodness along with hardships in hopes that those hardest and toughest moments alter and expand our pea size minds and lead us towards the rainbow of graciousness, kindness and abundance we all seek.

I believe in the goodness of mankind and the gentle heart we are all capable of. The power of healing is higher then us and that we are all very capable of moving forward with lessons learned only to alter our higher consciousness, constantly altering our futures just as the energy is constant.

I will never stop believing that with LOVE, confidence, faith and belief – all things are possible.

I find it unsettling when NASA has a page on the end of the world explaining in their own way the “Beginning of the End” and answering common questions. Here I am questioning what people would do if we had only one day to live, where my future seems so uncertain, in the hands of a greater power then I can fathom.

“Dear God, won’t you give these humans another chance?”

It makes me ill to think that my children I gave birth to in hopes they become amazing contributing humans in this civilization could cease to exist with just one big bang.  The truth is, it could happen any time.

Tonight could be the last night I close my eyes and never to awake, but if that shall be my destiny – I just want everyone to know that I loved & cared my deepest, hardest and with all my might. I hope I left footprints in each of your hearts.

I believe in second chances and I shall believe them that much more in my afterlife.

Today, right now, this very second you have a gift of life, embrace the ones you love, give thanks and praise and make a difference in your life. It’s never too late.

May the heavens shine upon you with the grace of infinite love.

Big Hugs,

Hello Earthlings – (my story of an alien invader right here on Earth)


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Credit: NASA/NOAA/GSFC/Suomi NPP/VIIRS/Norman Kuring

While I can totally assure you I am a human, many times I’ve questioned my origin. With all this extraterrestrial influence according to the multiple shows and documentaries on television, one has to wonder. These drawings of the alien influence according to dating thousands of years back has over 75% of humans questioning the same thing. Are we alone?

We are all human and all equal. Or are we? I’m sharing my experience of what I believe was an invader right here on Earth in my story below.

I’d like to believe that we all stem from the same DNA and evolve according to our upbringing, principals and morals instilled into us as we grow up to become adults.

With all my life’s hardships and obstacles I’ve never questioned certain things about myself until the last decade of my 39 years on Earth. Who am I?

On the outside I am a female, still fairly young approaching mid-life, tall, slender, brown eyes with brown hair, pretty much an ordinary average human. I am friendly and approachable. I’ve managed to accept the fact I am an Empath and my story can be read in the link.

The inside is something people cannot see. Your soul, compassion, tenderness and even anger. People don’t see the inside of people because they are camouflaged by their appearance and masked by their persona. We all wear masks. Let’s face it. We hide our sadness, pain, fears and whatever it may be individually. There is not one human on Earth who is not afraid of something.

Now the question is; could some of us appear human and not be?

Please allow me the opportunity to introduce myself. I am not like you, any of you. I’m me with my own DNA structure, composed of my own brilliance and quirkiness. I’m a human. Fragile, carrying and compassionate on the inside yet strong and powerful on the outside driven by chemical reactions of heightened adrenaline and I could be as savage as an animal. Our own characteristics are the separation equal to the attractions within ourselves and to each other. We all have multiple personalities. Clinically, no but experiencing life yes!

There are thousands of ways we could act, react and live out our lives and yet, the path we are currently on – how many of you look at that as the road to self discovery you dreamed of? Does it reflect who you are?

Our priorities constantly change as we change and alter our desires and as our mind expanses beyond what we thought we were capable of. We go through life like ticking time bombs, absorbing, taking it all in, filtering and then blowing up into all directions we so desperately want.

Some see or sense the future and some have healing powers, gift of remote viewing, speaking with the dead, brilliant scientists with constant new discoveries or whatever it may be. Some on the other hand appear regular average humans with no specific focus on special gifts or powers. They are workers, mothers and fathers, stay at home moms, caregivers, teachers, doctors, etc. However, most of these people have an interest in something like singing, art, science, history, photography or creating something, whatever it is, it’s awesome. We are all special, unique and wonderful.

If we take a close look at ourselves, we have to question what it is we want out of life, with the constant urge to grow, learn and experience what it is we came here to do. What drives us? Where will we be 20 years from now?

My world consist of observing people and how they act and conduct themselves. I know I came here on a mission that is higher then me. I befriend people all the time. I want to feel their life, sense their living and help them if I can. Why do I do this? I do believe it is because of who I am and what my mission still not entirely known to me, came here to accomplish. I do believe in the essence and spirit of higher inter-dimension of ourselves. It’s still us, but resides on a different plateau of existence experiencing life through us, humans in our flesh. While our bodies allow us to feel, touch and sense with all our senses I pay attention to the mind – our brain – we all hold and that is capable of thousand percent more then what it does.

Do you ever sit there quietly practising the power of levitation or to move objects? I do.

I’ve done things in the past that have freaked me right out of my skin and perhaps I’ve tapped into things that I wasn’t ready for. Now that I am older I frequently creep back into those foreign things as they intrigue me beyond my own fears. We are all capable of so many amazing things that are totally beyond our comprehension.

Where on the outside I’m fun, creative, exploring type of being, on the inside I’m very soft when it comes to my heart & feelings. I hurt so easily but at the same time, I forgive easily. I can so with definite truth say that if my arch nemesis (if I had one) or anyone that has hurt me ever, would come to knock at my door, I would invite them in for tea or coffee and we could talk it out & work it out. Am I naive? No. I am confident in who I am & what my level of compassion and forgiveness handles.

Recently, at my age of 39 I had to accept the most odd recent behaviours from a couple of people. This juvenile behaviour can only happen due to the conflict of “youngins” versus “old souls” and it is clear to me young souls find an appealing attraction about me until I make no more sense to them. I feel confident these people will never forget me & hope they hold precious whatever they have learned from me.

It has taken me a while to grasp the concept of this but I had to. Not everyone on Earth is here to make friends with everyone. It so evident by action of some people that they are here for themselves, even if comfortable in their little bubble living, pursuing whatever it is they do. These people are seekers of themselves, their higher self that is as they clearly are on a path of self discovery through their fleshy matter. These are the same people who hold materialistic people at value, tangible shiny objects dear and precious and seldom do they reflect inward to alter because it isn’t something they care to polish.

I’m a humble human. So so humble. I live in a lavish home due to a generous heart of a great man who I had the privilege calling dad. If it wasn’t for my children to give them a nice home, I could care less where I lived to be honest. If I was alone, I know I would already be in a foreign country assisting some research on a mission of aiding and helping others in need.

The greed from certain family members who are clearly unpolished have caused my human body and mind to endure quite the pain and stress since dad’s passing. I have to accept my life currently as is, and pursue the unfolding with faith and belief that there are lessons to be learned here on Earth, even if the consequences are of those actions unloaded upon us by foul beings that live among us, even if we hold relations to them.

Not everyone on Earth called human is fully-fledged to the title of a human. Some are just beings that cause pain, grief, scars and leave the stench of disgust in our memories. These are impostors that reside in the fleshy matter, masked as humans living among other earthlings. They eat, sleep, work and breathe.

I’ve taken a long hard look at so many opportunities that I’ve had thus far to observe, sense and feel our civilization. Although I am a believer of God and goodness of the human heart, I’ve had to accept things that I no longer have the privilege of unknowing. We cannot erase the mind and undo what it knows.

My experience of an invader:

Few years ago I was standing in a line at our famous “Walmart” market. While the individual in front of me looked like just an average woman, I soon found out she wasn’t. She was standing behind her basket of this long line up, while I casually stood there behind her checking my basket of my goodies. I got an unusual sensation from this woman and she hasn’t even looked at me yet. Her aura was off, yes I see them at times, and her entire sense of smell, sensation and vibration was totally off the charts. Her light did not vibrate on “earthlings” wavelength and I get chills even now thinking about this experience. On the outside looking at her with your eyes, she looked absolutely normal. One would never know she was an impostor.

As I stood there, many things raced through my mind as my mind never rests and the thought for a brief split second popped into my head, “oh, she’s probably alien or something & bleeds green blood” and almost instantly as I thought this simple innocent thought, she turned right around as if she heard me, looked right into my eyes with her piercing aerie look and the only thing I remember feeling, sensing, hearing but not with my human ears was “I heard you & I see you”. My knees buckled as I tried to maintain my composure.

I don’t know what the look on my face was or if her look on her face changed to the alien monster that I envisioned later but I wish I could have this moment on camera.

I swear I’ve never been more afraid in my life then at that split moment. She then casually turned around and tended to her shopping cart as if this exchange of telepathy never even occurred. After few seconds, I was hoping to experience another thought to confirm what just happened but my mind wasn’t working. I was in a state of shock/freeze and my mind did not work right at all and I could not focus on anything to form even another thought like that in my mind. My body felt limp and I got slightly nauseated. Time itself seemed to have sped up because I don’t even remember paying for my items and before I knew it I was in my car driving home.

It wasn’t until later that evening I wrote down what happened and this is how I was able to remember the event to write about it.

Now, I had a similar angelic experience too few years after this one, which was absolutely opposite and filled me with light and I shall write about that one soon.

There are many points here. This could have been an ordinary person, with extra ordinary powers. She could have been telepathic or she could have been an alien invader. The truth is I will never know for sure but my gut tells me she wasn’t of this earth.

This is only one of my extra ordinary experiences here on Earth I have such a privilege feeling, learning, experiencing. I’ve since then altered my my thoughts on how I would approach another similar situation. Instead thinking they are an alien, my thoughts are “hello Earthling, what are you here to experience”? I think it is less threatening to a possible invader.

Have an amazing Friday folks.


A Love Letter


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This year as my husband and I laid there quietly on the brink of sunrise, he quietly asked me what I would like for my birthday. I paused for a moment and without hesitation asked for one thing.  A love letter.

His quick sigh somehow confirmed how difficult this would be on his behalf since he’s a man of few words & we haven’t had to exchange in written form anything since our hand written wedding wows.  It is true to every single ounce of his actions that actions do speak louder then words, especially where this man is concerned.  He’s in every way amazing.

We have a one of a kind soulful love and a beautiful relationship.  I fell in love with him the first time we met. He is genuine and kind and everything I stand for what a husband and father should be.  I am so blessed.

He is a humble righteous man who stands for all good of mankind and our souls & passions parallel towards common lifelong goals.

I shall be so lucky to have him by my side as I inhale my last breath.

It is true what they say that behind every great man stand a great woman, however I find this is mutual.  He’s my rock, along with our beautiful children I cannot imagine another life other then the one I have with him.  Yes “I do blame him for everything” and that’s somehow understood between us in a quirky way, however at the end of the day he’s the one I await to return home safe into my arms, share a meal with, snuggle up to at night and say goodbye to every morning, only to repeat.

We have a good life together.  Through the beautiful times and even struggles & hardships at the end of it all we have our cosmic immense love that carries us through life & all we have is our loyal word to each other.   As he said “In love it is love that loves through us and we must push aside all of the useless background noise created by untrue spirit and righteousness.”  

Now, I did laugh at first as the upper part of his letter to me felt more like an instruction manual from his heart to mine, with details of his passion for me as this man who’s clearly a technical, intellectual and beautiful mind perceives to cover all angles so eloquently and he does it so precisely.  Although, it is a private letter I will hold dear I’m only sharing a tiny passage above & a famous poem below.

There is this amazing centre part of the letter that brought tears to my eyes how beautifully it was written, strongly yet delicately with understanding of our love, passion and loyalty to each other.  He knows me more then I thought. He is incredible.  “As I did gave him my hand to hold and my heart to keep, so help me God.”  I didn’t know how truly remarkable our connection would develop and how deeply our love would grow.

As I read and re-read his deciphered words, my eyes filled and refilled with tears as each word pulled at my heartstrings as I realize his message to me in a human written form couldn’t possibly even begin to tap on the feelings of the heart & soul.  Then, I realised how could I have asked him for such a difficult task when I have never written one for him.  I will treasure it forever.

One of my favourite ending of the letter was this famous poem & somehow I understand it even more:

How do I love thee? Let me count the ways.
I love thee to the depth and breadth and height
my soul can reach, when feeling out of sight
For the ends of Being and ideal Grace.
I love thee to the level of every day’s
most quiet need, by sun and candle-light.
I love thee freely, as men strive for Right;
I love thee purely, as they turn from Praise.
I love thee with the passion put to use
In my old grief’s, and with my childhood’s faith.
I love thee with a love I seemed to lose
With my lost saints,—I love thee with the breath,
Smiles, tears, of all my life!—and, if God choose,
I shall but love thee better after death.
by – Elizabeth Barrett Browning –

My message to you folks, love each other. The lifeline is shorter then we think and the beauty exists in all those things untouchable and unseen while the wonder with excitement remains in the words unspoken.


Act of Kindness – Pay it Forward


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I was always taught to perform an act of kindness every day.  Whatever it may be a huge one or the smallest act, it’s all significant.  At the same time, I find that the people who appear least deserving of your kindness are the ones you should indeed perform your good deed to.

A single act of kindness throws out roots in all direction,
and the roots spring up and make new trees.
The greatest work that kindness does to others,
is that it makes them kind themselves.
– Amelia Earhart –

When I was a little girl & we took street carts to the city and it was jammed pack with people while my grandma told me to sit, who was clearly older then me while she stood I knew deep down the rules she taught me.  As soon as an elderly lady or man entered the cart I would stand up and offer up my seat.  It’s just how I was brought up and it cannot be changed now, it’s part of who I am.

In my teens I was at our local down town market square with few friends while a lady walked out of the restroom with a wad of toilet paper dragging by her shoe and while my friends chuckled I quickly ran up to her and told her to save her unpleasant embarrassment.  I was nudged and poked why I told but I could care less what my friends thought of me.

About 5 years ago I was driving through Tim Horton’s.   I decided to pay for the vehicle behind me their purchase and with my luck it was only two cups of coffee.  I paid for it and drove away while the lady at the window gave me a huge sincere smile.  No thank you was needed from the recipient unknowing behind me and it left me feeling absolutely amazing.  These are just few of the countless times for me for some reason reflected today.

It doesn’t matter how the pay it forward is returned to you or if ever is.  I just love doing these kinds of things and it always feels pretty amazing.  There are no words to describe the feeling.  About a year ago, it happened to me.  Someone actually bought me my coffee while in the drive through line and I immediately thought about my action few years prior.  All I could do was smile all the way home.

The truth is, kind things have always happened to me.  Now that I am older, I reflect on them and it’s amazing how beautiful the circle of return is.

What about an act of kindness towards a human who perhaps doesn’t like you and when you help them, they don’t even know about it?  I’ve done it multiple times too. There is something so appealing to help a person who would least expect it from you.

It doesn’t matter if the people know or don’t know about your help and I rather they did not.   If you can help anyone it’s all the same as is the inner reward.

Help is universal and speaks all languages.  People can be so uptight and hung up on so many issues in life, they so easily forget the simple human nature of some things that cannot be explained.

The way I look at it, you either get it or you don’t.

It is not how much you do,
but how much love you put
into the doing that matters.
– Mother Theresa –



What does the “F” word and turning “93” have in common?


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There is something magical about birthdays.  Everyone wants their special day to be filled with fun & laughter, amazement and significance celebrating their day of birth.  This year I got just that.  AMAZING beyond words!

First of all, my birthday has always been about wanting to celebrate it with my mom.  I’ve held the highest respect for her my whole life & the fact she gave me life and brought me into this world.  Becoming a mother myself only reconfirmed the love she feels for me as my love for my own children is colossal.

It began yesterday with the incredible surprise of a fabulous camera cake my mom baked for me.  The story of it is here but I’ll still have to give credits with photos below.

Birthdays just like Christmas have never been about gifts for me.  I’ve so enjoyed the little things my kids have made me over the last few years and each birthday is special and unique.  Even prior to that…  I’d lie if I didn’t get excited receiving a thoughtful gift because I would love it, however it has never been about anything materialistic.  This one however somehow tops the charts on my “b-day-meter” and if another like this ever happens again, only time will tell.

My son who is 6 was barely awake on Sunday morning with his eyes still sleepy as I sipped on my cup of brew asked me in confusion, “momma you turned 93”? and then his eyes got even bigger as he looked over at me.  It put a smile on my face and I nearly choked on my coffee.  He picked up the two candles on the counter from the cake my mom baked for me the night prior & he was puzzled for a minute.  It was so priceless, and yet the “F” word was never mentioned at all.

I got deliveries of flowers, birthday cards, special and delicious dinner cooked by my amazing husband, earrings from my baby girl she got “with daddy’s money” as she said, a lovely cross & so many surprises throughout the day.  I loved all of it!

First of all, I’ve been holding back a little if I haven’t let on that the fact I’m approaching the turn of another decade is literally around the corner.  The “F” word somehow ever so slightly bothers me but not because of age.  I don’t believe age has anything to do with how we feel on the inside.  I embrace my years & hopefully age gracefully.  I think it’s just the concept of the “age” itself as people seem to be going through some midlife crisis and I totally don’t feel remotely to my age.

Good friend has told me that I’m actually 39 plus 9 months and that makes sense.  Closer to the “F” word then I thought.  haha!

Turning forty doesn’t scare me.  There I said it.  It’s been a joke in my family for probably 5 years since I’ve reached the “over the hill” mark after 35.  I think mostly women are the ones affected by these number sequence of keeping track of years lived.  For me, I’ve always told my kiddies, when the years get closer the “F” word is not to be said.   “Mommy is and always will be 29” I told my kids, no matter who asks you.  Keeping a light heart about it of course as only I know the depth of it’s meaning & the reason behind the “F” word.

Ok, the fact we call it the “F” word is because of many reasons.
We do not call anyone fat, rather plump or well build.
We do not say any “F” bombs especially the ones mommy and day may slip.
We do our best not to say fart but toot.
We do not say find rather reach to “find” something.
And we do not under any circumstance say forty when it comes to mom.

Beautiful card and a cross from the kiddies and my husband    PHOTOGRAPHY
Earrings from my baby girl bought with “daddy’s money”
On the RIGHT is my amazing cake my mom baked for me.    PHOTOGRAPHY
Card image from my little 3 month old nephew “boogie time” written inside.
Stuffed duckie from my nephew
received my 1st flowers by delivery
more flowers
And all of this and so much more that cannot be expressed in words and photos happened on my amazing day.  Thank you Lord and friends for making me feel so loved and appreciated.



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LIFE is simple – it is people who complicate it”
Life’s but a walking shadow,
A poor player that struts and frets his hour upon the stage.

And then is heard no more: It is a tale told by an idiot, 

Full of sound and fury, signifying nothing.
~ William Shakespeare ~
Macbeth, 5. 5
Have a wonderful weekend,