Nikon moment stolen by a Canon – Happy Birthday


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While I celebrate the day my mom gave me life and brought me into this world, it has indeed became a day now that I’m older a day for me to do just that.  Sometimes we shift things around a little & have to do it a day before and yet it still feels just same.

Amazing how we ‘grow’ up and priorities change.  It isn’t about gifts at all it is simply being able to have the privilege to be with the ones we love, while they are with us.  For me, on my birthdays, I celebrate my mom & her life too because if it wasn’t for her, my life wouldn’t be.

Being just a kid always resonates in the soul and even though I’m not a little girl anymore, my mom made me feel in absolute amazement today and so happy.  My eyes filled with tears.

This Nikon moment has been stolen by this amazing Canon and I didn’t mind at all.
Her GIFT to me that I will never forget and – yes – it’s a cake.

Incredible and amazing. She poured 15 hours of labour love into this baby. I’m the luckiest lady on the planet to have a mom like mine and she shows me every time she gets the chance. I will never forget the joy in her face as I opened it. For both, I’m sure it was priceless picture moment.

I think the universe is trying to tell me that this year will be pretty amazing.

I love you so much mom. Thank you for my incredible life.


Crazy Life – So Perfect


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Yes.  Beautiful. Twisted. Sad. Happy. Seen. Heard. Tasted. Felt. Written. All together – perfectly crazy.

There is something soothing after a huge ripple in my week.  Well, one that felt like a flipping title wave no kidding, no matter how heated it got, no matter how mad or sad I became at a situation nor how much I’ve cried, my week ends on the same note but the feeling somehow uplifted.  Thank gawd!

After numerous quick conversations today my heart began feeling lighter after the crazy morning & week.  Revealing something so personal & sharing with another female today summarizing my few past years left me so empowered and filled with decisions I simply must do.  Do not neglect yourself.  You come first!

We question how normal we are and others too how they act, if this or that is normal – but we are all human.    Let’s face it.  My normal, is totally not your normal, and your normal could be the best or totally blah.

Decisions we make have to be the best ones for us & we can’t always look at others and how it affects them.  In the end, we do what is right for us & we have to.  Considering all respectable levels of discipline and conduct.  Sometimes people make decisions for us and even if we don’t know it or question it – why, don’t understand it, it remains to be a leap of faith that the path is ours and we have to walk it.  Alone.  Even if a decision was made for you & forced you to alter a path, it is really not that bad.  That’s life.  I believe the good Lord knows best and leave it up to fate.

The clinical definition of ultimate high/lows is bi-polar perhaps when the norm takes a turn and twist into the dips of abnormal highs and lows & uncontrollable rage surfaces from that and I’ve seen a share in my life from people that I have no control over if they are or are not in my life.  Knowing who you are and how you handle yourself is all you can rely on at the end of the day.  People aren’t crazy.  Life is.  Even if the people in it appear crazy or totally uncontrollable & spiteful, it’s the life.

Today, finally I’ve come to terms with few issues that have felt like a giant elephant sitting on my chest & had to deal with, where people in my life are concerned.  Family, friends it’s all the same.  I feel so much lighter.

Their shit, is their shit.  There is no sugar coating it.  My shit is mine and why mix it up.  That would be pretty shitty!  I know what’s best for me and that’s all that matters.

Seeking inner peace is what does it for me, sharing, talking with someone who can perhaps understand your situation and empathize.  Then there is the nature.  LOVE the nature and connecting to it.  It revives me.

There are also my friends.  God bless ya!!  Those of course entitled to that crown.  There are some very good listeners out there among my friends.  Thank you for being what a friend is suppose to be and believing in me.

Crazy as it is and sounds…… life is perfect because of imperfections.  Period!  It would be boring otherwise.   I accept that much.  I’ll take my crazy, roller-coaster, insane, spontaneous life over a boring life any day.  With all that is thrown at me.  I never say NO!

Thank goodness I can see it, heart it, taste it, smell it and feel it.  I must be crazy!  Are you?



Devil’s Daughter


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You were once a light

That shined within my heart
And memories still echo
Of the love I wish upon you
Connected by spun ties
We are of the same dust
Yet opposing shaded essence
For black wings have you grown
Clearly you must bleed
Hate like ivy climbing your core
Leaving ghostly gashes upon those
You claim to love
Poison resonates in your words unspoken
So I have to ask
Are you the devil’s daughter?
Or are you broken?
January 19, 2012 by Janette Dengo

You’re Unforgettable


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What do you get when you put two women in a room together that go way back over 20 years & who are looking for an adventure?  One amazing day!!

No wine was needed today, only a stage of cameras, lights, action, dressing and undressing, laughter, Adele’s 19 & 21 and one hot model who gave it her all.   She was simply fabulous.  I experienced one of those days that goes down to history.  It’s safe to say I gave her exactly what she wanted and needed, while she provided me with further confidence, experience and one remarkable photo shoot.

Oh the fun I’ll have for days editing.  Oh the emails already with requests.  Amazing!!  Simply amazing….. & I love it!

I’m so looking forward to the fashion show I’ve got the opportunity to photograph too.  This was just the boost I needed.  I’m so pumped with everything upcoming.  This is going to be the year.

When it rains it pours and I’m facing the rain smiling extended both hands up…… bring it on baby!  My life is unforgettable because of all the people who make is so special, and that included YOU.

Thanks a million,


Little Treasures – A Moment in Time


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One of my absolute favourite things received to date has to be what my mom gave me only few days before Christmas this year. It was one of those special sunny yet busy days for me getting prepped for the holidays as we ran into each other at a local market.  She said she bought me something and couldn’t wait to give it to me.  We checked out and paid for our goodies in the baskets and met out in the parking lot for a secretly shared ciggie (my bad) but what happened afterwards will remain with me forever.  A moment in time.

When I opened up the package & saw the ornament I felt so absolutely loved, cared for, appreciated and simply treasured.  In that one split moment I felt like a child again, giddy, in a state of awe how cute it was & then the moment happened.  I felt those words. I felt them from her heart just as she was so excited to give it to me, I felt the absolute power behind the message she was trying to tell me.

I don’t know if I could fully describe what I actually felt because it’s nearly impossible to put it into words.  I get teary eyed just thinking about it.  My mom has always told me she loved me, her touch and gentle hugs are filled with love and care.  It’s due to getting older that we forget that we were little too once and a mother’s precious child.  A blessing.  When I think about my mom and her getting older I get all emotional.  I have friends who have already lost one parent or both and one of them is my hubby and I’ve lived it.

There are days I often reflect on my memories with my mom and I know this one so far has topped them all.   Just as I know she won’t be around forever, she has given me perhaps the nicest gift.  A precious memory to hold onto when the gentle wind sweeps her ashes and to twinkling dust particles she delights.

I think what I loved about the entire exchange was the words inscribed and the meaning behind those beautiful words.  This is the simplest little treasure but the message and everything I took from this was the most invaluable for me.  So meaningful, so very powerful.  I love my mom so very much & have always respected her maybe more then she knows.

We’ve had our share of fights but the bond between us is one of a kind.  I’m so glad we found a way to communicate, express, trust & be ourselves with especially now that I’m older and a mother myself.

This year, she gave me the best gift she ever did (and there are 38 years filled with awesome gifts) and it wasn’t even Christmas yet.  I don’t even think she knows how much it means to me. The ornament, the memory and most importantly the words that did not need to be spoken.  It holds a key message for me to see, hold and feel when I need to feel reassurance that I am indeed someone very special to another human being and most of all a mother who gave me life.  There is only one person who has carried you and nurtured you under her heart, in the womb and counted all your fingers and toes on the day you were born. A mom.

It is my absolute dearest little treasure that is not going away into the boxes of ornaments.  No way!  It will be hung in my office/studio and I will admire it as I gain strength and encouragement from it with twice the power.  Thank you for loving me.

I love you mom with my whole heart.

Your one and only,  Me

A little PRESENT


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Today’s miracle…. an opportunity to rejoice and marvel in the glory of new day.

“Perhaps this is why it is called PRESENT.   A little gift from God to live another day.”

Sunrises.  I love them.  A rebirth of a new day and new adventures.  For me, I always thought that I live each day to the fullest.  I am convinced of it.  However the truth is I’m far from the high standard I set for myself.  I worry so much about yesterday and things done, said & also about tomorrows.  I realized this over again & it’s silly but the movie 50 First Dates reconfirmed it for me after watching it.

The concept of loosing short term memory would be so devastating.  Or would it be?

I think that if everyone lived every day as if it was the only day with opportunity to live & to remember only that day not worrying so much of what happened yesterday or what will happen tomorrow, I think we would all live a little differently and with a little more heart & soul.

Living with the wonder of today’s miracle is what it’s about.  Feeling alive from within, absorbing each magnificent second whatever the feeling transcribes.  Today is the only day, like today.  There will never be another.

I love life.  Paying more attention to living high with the opportunity of making every day count and forgetting yesterday’s woes.  Today is simply glorious.

Happy new day,


Universal Consciousness & Roots of Gaia


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Do you ever find yourself question how in the heck could that be?   It can be anything.

I’ve encountered this so many times I lost count.  I get a feeling or an idea and while I’m literally creating it, implementing or designing it, someone else I may or may not know creates it nearly instantly.  I cannot express the inquisitiveness I’ve held for such coincidences.  Or are they?  Coincidences that is.

Well, I for one don’t believe in coincidence so I dug a little deeper into the concept of what it could be few years ago.  I’ve never written about it until now due to the recent other similar comparison to another artist.

Universal Consciousness.  I’ve been living and co-creating with that in the back of my mind ever since.  We all tap into it.  Everyone.  It sounds far fetched when you compare the basic concept to the Borg from Start Trek but it’s so true.

 We are Borg. 

Lower your shields and surrender your ships,

and prepare yourself to be assimilated.  

We will add your biological

and technological distinctiveness to our own. 

Resistance is futile.

Are we all that different from a cybernetic lifeform?  The way I see it, we are not far from reaching this technological advancement, theory or whatever it may be in the next few decades.  With the technology & the way we are collectively connected within social media, Internet communicating, networking, etc. it isn’t just science & fiction.  It is real.

We, humans, all intellectual beings on this Earth and perhaps in the entire universe are connected to a source higher then our own comprehension.  We have been ever since the existence of mankind began.  It is the mere pillar of consciousness, light, universal portal we all feed from weather it be ideas, fashion, dreams, desires, innovations, artistic flair, whatever….

For me, it must have began years ago when I was much younger and my art teacher would always praise me for my eye for detail in all my highschool sketches.  I would get double marks for some works.  But, I didn’t fully appreciate the praise until my painting “Roots of Gaia” was compared to Frida Khalo’s (1907-1954) marvelous work by a complete stranger.

In her lifetime Frida has created some 200 pieces of work related to her experiences and life.  She’s a unique artist who’s soulful sorrow is evident in many of her human depictions as is her profound rooted loneliness in her many self portraits.

The day I was told that my piece slightly resembled her work, I had no clue who she even was.  I’ve Googled her and when I found out a little about her life I was quite flattered to have been compared to her piece just below mine.  Since then, I’ve observed her work as unique, one of kind visual work of an extraordinary visionary and artist.

Roots of Gaia – by Janette Dengo

 By Frida Khol

For me, there is always a magical experience with each painting I create.  If somehow I’ve managed to subconsciously tap into anyone’s visual creation, their naked concept for basis of their entire image, sculpture, photo, imagination and ideas, I can with honest heart say it’s due to the universal consciousness.  Weather it be a prior, current or future timeline I cannot be responsible for similarities of such.

The bottom line is everyone looks to be unique and stand out in one aspect or another.  Let it be artist, painters, fashionistas, jewellery designers, photographers, sculptors, etc.   Everyone wants to be know for their own unique imprint, such is our own DNA as it solely reflects the artist behind the creation.  Sometimes, and the world is vast, we cannot and are unable to get away from certain visual comparisons that may be so evident in similarities of others.  It is beyond our control.

I use to get a little annoyed at people I’d encounter in my life if they would buy for example the same clothes as me and the next time I’d see them, they’d say “oh, you have one of those too?”  I’d get irked and roll my eyes, but now I could care less.  If anything it is flattering they found my style tasteful and had to get one for themselves.  Some people get their panties all in a knot over the fact someone may be imitating them and fully believe it, only to have nothing but ill feelings all made up in their heads that they are right out copying them or stealing their ideas.   Bull!

My suggestion:  Get over yourself & breathe a little.  Nobody is treading on your heals and stealing your ideas.  The world is vast, the people in it are all inspired by something or someone all the time.

Remaining confident that the art created by you, me and the world all holds uniqueness, beauty and one of a kind visual concept is the key.  Confidence with a capital “C”.  It is as irrelevant as if someone had the same shoes as you at a party.

“People think they are ground breakers but they are only treading on the path of others” – so eloquently put by my hubby Anthony.  Always.  Civilization has existed for how long?  Is it really that insulting to people who get their backs raised that someone imitated or flat out copied them?  Actors, models, all types of divas out there on the red carpets find themselves in similar if not identical outfits, all the time.  Does that mean we should bring out the guns?

Someone out there is and will always be similar to your work because after all – you yourself has gotten a visual inspiration from someone else that may be not so flattered you right out “stole” their idea if that’s how you see it.  If you put those thoughts into your head & get paranoid of people stealing your ideas, you will loose the battle in the artists industry, in whatever it is you are creating.

Feel the confidence you are unique, execute it and don’t worry about the rest.  People will always pick up on imitations, because if someone doesn’t have the talent, they can paint, photograph, chisel away, cut, sew, stitch their little hearts away and it will never be you!  You are IT!  You and only you.  There is nor will there ever be another you. But let’s get back to Frida and me for now  🙂

For me Frida represents something deep.  The roots of the mere Earth – Gaia – the Goddess – as I seek to find her in my above creation.  She isn’t that far from the mere concept of the “universal consciousness”.  A feminine creation connecting to the source, the light, love, universal being of the roots we all tap into.  Even though I wasn’t directly inspired by Frida, her image somewhat haunts me in a positive way.  While I was told to use certain colours and stay away from reds – it is what came into my mind with the piece I created for my client with them and their lifestyle in mind.  The fact it was unveiled there is a a similarity is quite uncanning.  By the way, the client loved my creation & it was evident in their eyes full of tears & gratitude.

We all tap into it.  Whatever the universal consciousness is.  I cannot seem to get ahead of it.  I’ve had ideas that made people millionaires so with that knowledge, in the comfort of my own home I reap a little of those millions they have – even if my pockets are empty because I know I too had that idea at the same time they did.

If someone took my image and put their name on it & unfortunately there are people like that out there & I’ve known of few artists that have succumbed to those thieves, that is the only illegal form of theft punishable by law.  This is also only if your image and photo is protected by the copyright and each laws in each state, province, country is different so it’s best to check into that.

While my Roots of Gaia was one of the pieces I was probably the most intimidated to give away & present to my client as a final piece of work/product, it is probably one of my finest works.

Thank you so much to all who inspire me, give me confidence to keep on creating and encourage me to continue on my artistic journey.  Love you all very much from the roots of my entire creative consciousness.

Peace, love & light.


Learning to receive


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About 6 years ago I met my girlfriend Julie Coombs, the Internet savvy net-worker also known as DiamondJul, at which around the time I was also introduced to The Secret.  She is one of the many behind the scenes founders of The Secret and I became quite fond of her.

Inquisitively I pursued the video of The Secret that is presented quite beautifully and powerfully, it left me feeling so wonderful & in a state of awe.  Little did I know I was living the secret my whole life, there were just few specifics that needed to be polished to run more rewarding.  Julie’s powerful words to me once expressed how important it is to receive, whatever it may be, never left me.  Those words changed me.  It made me a better person in terms of being able to complete fully the circle in understand the life I’ve been seeking, yearning, wanting so much.  Giving wasn’t enough.  Since then, I’ve learned a lot from this extraordinary woman.  A lot of which alter my journey in bettering myself & my life so I can feel the abundance from all faucets of life.

In order for us to feel the full impact of the complete circle of the exchange, weather it be monetary component, friendship based, love, gifts, trust, loyalty, compliments…. it is all equally important to know how to receive.  The completeness of receiving as much as giving, just like in the basic concept of electricity & circuits connecting.  Giving is receiving and receiving is giving.  We’re taught our whole lives to give & to give generously.  After all, Jesus gave his life for mankind, the ultimate gift was his life.  Albert Einstein stated that “The value of a man resides in what he gives and not in what he is capable of receiving.  That is true, but receiving is equally important in terms of being able to understand the impact of giving & feel the satisfaction of that giving concept.

My life hasn’t been peaches.  Many years of hardships, an abusive father, a sister I don’t quite get along with and coming to a foreign country at the birth of my teens where it all seemed to have began fresh for me.  Finally a break & light peeked in.  Moving away from my father was the best thing that has ever happened to me.  Not experiencing the anger his weak human dark heart departed on everyone he associated with, was such a blessing.  I was no longer afraid to feel free, to love, to share, to open up and be myself.  It was the first time I was not afraid to love openly & the possibility of feeling was there.  New.  Fresh.  Revived.

I’ve undergone many changes, learned many languages along my journey only to have retain my native tongue and English.  My body has undergone changes of becoming a mother over 8 years ago and it’s a given that will never be the same.  Sag, sag, sag…..  and that darn gravity!

Bottom line is we constantly change.  We go through 4 year cycles but that’s another story entirely.  We change as we see fit, as we learn whatever life unfolds.  I find myself questioning so many things yet at the end of the day it doesn’t matter.  I count my blessings & talk to God, kiss my babies goodnight & rest.  What matters is that when I open up my eyes, I am given each day to experience life, nature with all the beauty in it.   I’m so thankful.  I hope I haven’t lost you, there is a point here.

I’ve always had a giving heart.  I’m modest by all means, I do my best to remain humble & quiet and satisfied with the simplest pleasures.  I don’t brag & I respect people.  I don’t gossip & stay away from those who do.  I break many rules, most of which are mine set so many ages ago.  I don’t need much, never have so it seemed ok if I didn’t get as much as I gave.

Over the years as I’ve aged, I began feeling worn out.  Tired, misunderstood a lot by folks as I couldn’t understand why they continue doing the things they do, to themselves & to others, to me.  Why people make the choices they do, why they hate rather then love, why they stab rather then hug, steal rather earn and so on….

Just as the world is marvelous in it’s beauty & simplicity, it’s also filled with so much sadness, hate, competition, blame & bitterness….. it’s so unappealing.  But I know the negativity has to exist to balance out the greatness.  I focus on the opposite, knowing the darkness exists, I choose to look up rather then down.

Some people will continue to lie, steal & take so much they begin to believe their own little worlds that are so full of the material living.  Some people just don’t know how to give and this is why they cannot or are unable to receive which reflects back to being unable to give.  They think they are living it up, but sadly it is all just so superficial.  They will end up empty looking for answers.

For some it feels safer to enclose themselves into a bubble of shielded protection from the rest of the world, especially since they’ve had their hearts broken.  They stop giving & they don’t even realize that they also stop receiving, that which replenishes ultimately their entire giving.  It’s a movement of a constant electrical discharge, our human nature, our synapses misfire when we shut one aspect of ourselves off.  Human body works in mysterious ways.  We work best when we practice a healthy balance where all is concerned.

At the same time it can be a person who continuously gives & gives all the time lovingly and unconditionally.  The world is filled with amazing humanitarians, generous selfless folks, helping, aiding, always extending themselves above & beyond.  Do these people ever feel the rewards of their constant giving?  I sure hope so because one of the greatest pleasures is the satisfaction received knowing you’ve helped someone in need, saved a life, helped a homeless to have a meal, gave a gift for a less fortunate to open at Christmas time, whatever it may be.

Receiving doesn’t have to have a means of materialism.  It is often the things that are unseen by the eye that mean the most in life.

For me, I really like helping people.  I’ve never got into the profession to be in the public aid, I don’t know why.  When I see someone in need though, even if they don’t know it, I always want to lend a hand.  Sometimes, they are not ready or willing to receive the help, or just don’t need it and I am forced to just back away.  It goes the same for the way I fall in love with humans.  I find an attribute, something about them in common or simply sense through their gateway (their eyes) a piece of their soul and immediately feel a connection.  Sometimes however, they are not ready to feel mutually back whatever you feel.  Love is intimidating.  People will find you creepy & desperate.  I’m none of those things or perhaps I’m both.  Depends on the perspective of the individual.  Perhaps I’m drawn to people who are in need of love more then they even know it, and on the most part those who deflect it won’t receive it.  Just like help, there is only so much you can do to offer whatever it is you see fit.

I strive so hard daily to find a piece of that great abundance I work my but off for.  For me, learning to receive runs deep. I need to learn how to receive the rewards of my hard work, to reap what I sew, whatever it may be at the time.  I need to shift my focus.  I still have much to learn in the aspect of receiving. So much, however I’m so glad that the concept was learned when it was because I’ve had years to practice receiving and it feels amazing when the fulfillment happens.

I too have had my faults of entirely shutting down my share of times where, love, trust, absolute despair & where all negativity is concerned spirals down & I found myself in the pits of doom.  I stopped giving, receiving & ultimately living.  It’s human nature to experience both spectrum of existing.  Then we reach up.  We see the light and grasp it & pull ourselves up.  I don’t believe it is ever too late for anyone to alter their life for the way they choose to live it, let it be for better lack of words, better.  Death, is our only end.  In flesh that is.  It’s never too late to teach an old dog new tricks.  Never.

One thing I had to learn & do my best to grasp is to in fact receive.  I’ve never been very good at it. Ever.  My whole life, I thought I did receive but not fully.  Weather it was compliments, extravagant or smallest gifts, help from people, the impact of hugs and most of all love.  I’ve always been cautious about love because once a person such as a father figure attempts to breaks your soul, it’s so hard to receive love & trust it’s real.  All I could do was give love – because I thought it was enough.

In my past relationships, I thought if I love hard enough I could love for two.  I soon discovered with few broken hearts it doesn’t work well like that.  Something had to give to fulfill the gap, the hole left after all was said and done.  It was the hole something other then me had to fill.  I felt like I was running out of love, running on empty & yet I loved a little more when I could each time.   It was pathetic but real.

Until I met my now husband.  His love & his heart, loyalty and trust in me opened up a piece of me that allowed a stream of light directly into my soul.  His father, who was absolutely amazing & filled with huge power hugs nearly squished the life out of me once.  It is the first time I truly felt an impact of a hug.  An old Slovak man in his seventies, who had the most amazing lung crushing hugs a human could experience.  They were real, they contained love, care, light, genuine impact.  I miss him, but his hugs remain in my husband & I often ask him to squeeze a little tighter & then we goof off.  It’s fun.

In the course of my life, many times I’ve felt so used.  So taken advantage of from so many angles, by people or by actions or lack there of.  Now that I am older, sometimes the feeling of being used surfaces, however it’s just perceived & received with the knowledge that perhaps I haven’t given enough.  That somehow, just when it was about to happen, I quit.  I gave up.  It’s all my fault.  That is why I feel used at that moment, I should have done more.  I shouldn’t have given up.  It’s true.  It’s that spark, that initially ignited us, lead us down a path of the knowledge we seek we were almost there, we could taste it and then bam!  It was done.  Somehow, someway it failed.  It didn’t happen.  We didn’t give or receive or it wasn’t given or wasn’t received.  The full circle didn’t complete.  In that circle, all involved feel used, disappointed, etc.   All did what they could, however didn’t succeed and the feeling is the same for all involved.  That’s how I see it anyways.

However, over the years and it is perhaps due to my most amazing little beings “my kids” and their enormous unconditional little hearts that are filled and overspilling with so much love, that I can appreciate and receive them just as I give my love to them each day.  Those two opened up a portal inside of me, that is higher then me, a gateway of immense love that out pours from each of them every day, every touch, kiss and a hug. They are beautiful & brilliant and filled with absolute love.  Of course they are, they are my creation.  A creation made with my amazing husband, and they were conceived out of love.  My only hopes are that I can guide them through life for as long as I am able to.

Now, there is a point here too I am trying to make in comparison to the feeling of being used, it’s diminished.  There is no such thing as being used, only how one perceives it.  Am I just a concubine for these two beings walking, living, breathing & talking.  No, I gave my body no matter how destroyed it is now, to give them life.  How could I possibly feel used.  It isn’t any different in any other situation.  The feeling of being used is self reflective in all aspect.  For me, it is such a relief not to feel the heaviness of that “useless” word used.

I’ve learned that I too am able to receive and receiving is just as important as giving.  The secret of giving is that if a person can and is able to give so much that just when they feel that there isn’t another ounce of drop of blood, love, faith, trust, whatever it is to give and then just out of nowhere give a little more.  That is the point that something magical always happens.  It is that final penetration point of giving that final ounce, that final drop, where receiving opens up and pours in overflowing.  It can be money, happiness, power, satisfaction, anything at its highest.  You have to allow it to happen though, you have to believe it is yours, deserving as you are of it as you gave all you could to receive it’s rewards, you have to own it and that is when it happens.  I trust that.  I always trust that.

It isn’t easy to do.  The pollution is so hard to cut through.  It’s not as easy as it sounds.  Yet, it is very possible.  It is how millionaires are born.  It is how successful people all around the world thrive.  They work hard to get where they are.  They believe it, they own it before they have it.  It is how abundance is felt.  It is when you can count all your blessings as you reached above & beyond for what you believed in.

You have to be open to receive while giving.  Period!  It is then and only then you will feel fulfilled & filled to give again.

My grandmother, my angel who has been my inspiration for all my writing filled with light & love has taught me the unconditional love & gift of giving your heart entirely.  It is all we can ever do.  She taught me that there is a good person inside every single one of us, it is what we choose to do with it that matters.

We cannot be responsible for the people who are unable to receive love, who shut down, neglect understanding, patience and can only reflect anger and bitterness.  Love is universal and I may be the most pathetically mushy, lovie dovie & sappy human out there, but at least I am filled with love inside and most importantly – I know that I am fully capable of giving it.  It is up to the rest to learn to receive and to complete the circle.  However, I know the truth and the reality is that people are afraid of the word LOVE.  It’s easier to run then to face love and laugh with it.  Whoever is in my life is there because they feel my love, appreciate it, receive it and give a little back.  I’m so not afraid to love & because I’m constantly replenished it over pours out of me.

Learning to receive patience, appreciation, compliments, gratitude, loyalty, trust, money, health, happiness, love….. it’s all the same.

Next time you think you are feeling empty, sad, lonely, used, poor, sick, whatever it may be – ask yourself if you’ve allowed yourself to fully receive the abundance from the universe of what ever it is you seek.

Learning to receive is one of the greatest gifts you can give yourself.



A Friend Is….

This year for Christmas as my friend and I were walking & goofing off in our famous hick town & market of “Walmartians” the place was full of people and pre-holiday crazy havoc, I picked up a wire star that looked like an interesting item to fill with goodies.  I’ve done this once before but it didn’t last many seasons.An idea to create a gift that keeps on giving each Christmas, filling the object with goodies we both love, while keeping still an item that is beautiful on it’s own.  A keepsake, but with many memories.

I suggested we each buy this star for $5.00 bucks and take the cheesy lotion/body soap out of it and fill it with unique goodies in the $20.00 range.  She loved it.

And so it began.  A new tradition.  This year was the first year for our exchange and when we opened  up the star, the goodies left us with smiles and a wonderful memory.  I loved mine and her smiles were evident she loved hers.  The simplicity of a beautiful friendship can never be forsaken.  It is one of a kind with each individual and such a blessing.  For me, the star represents the uniqueness of this one friend, with many others in my life – all who have a special meaning.  Perhaps what the true meaning of this entire exchange is that I was able to do this with a friend, who indeed is one of my most beautiful gifts for Christmas.

A friend is a person you can trust. 
A friend will be there when you really need someone,
and will come to you when they need help.
A friend will listen to you and never try to change you. 
A friend is someone you can share dreams, hopes and feelings with. 
A friend is one of life’s most beautiful gifts.

Thank you for the “friendship” book-mark, ornament, earrings, etc. my friend. I also love all the other goodies gently wrapped in tissue as I opened up each one so tightly placed within the star.  There are so many simple things people can do to give each other joy.

A tiny glimpse of just a couple of goodies & the empty/full star parcel.

I am so looking forward to the next Christmas, can’t wait to get creative again and also at the same time see what goodies will be unwrapped.  It isn’t so much the material things as much as it is for the concept & the visual excitement to see another person get giddy with joy to see what they receive as I give.
Life is full of so many ideas & adventures.  Make it count.  For me, the star represents my friendship that is truly the only gift that keeps on giving.  A friend is one of life’s most beautiful gifts.
Love & peace,

We are of Light…..


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We are of light……

2 Corinthians 4:16-18

16 Therefore we do not lose heart. Though outwardly we are wasting away, yet inwardly we are being renewed day by day. 17 For our light and momentary troubles are achieving for us an eternal glory that far outweighs them all. 18 So we fix our eyes not on what is seen, but on what is unseen, since what is seen is temporary, but what is unseen is eternal.